Spring of 2011

A group of friends since middle school had passion for CG and music video creations. One day, they gathered all their money to purchase second hand PCs and got a studio in the basement. There were no natural light in this space, but it was full of excitement.

The Studio was called UGI Production

This space was a small playground where the team could experiment and study CG. It was truly happy and thrilling time to be able to focus on our passion.

First two to three years were financially challenging times for the team despite so much passion. The team continued on and put their foot down to stand up to UGI’s vision and first color, which was to follow passion and create great products and not dwell on profit so much.

Years went by quickly and we built relationship with partner companies who recognized UGI’s sincerity and ability.

Even during the times of hardship, UGI maintained positive attitude and believed our dreams would come true.

UGI team will not take impossible as an answer.
We have optimistic and creative mind with young and unique taste, focused to create great new ideas.

UGI's GOAL is to lead the global movie CG market beyond the Asian market within ten years and currently preparing to take a second leap.