UGI Production designsand produces all videos needed for performances held both in Korea and all over the world.

We create the best comprehensive videos with our specialized technology and the know-how of our professional staff from the planning for videos necessary for performances such as large concerts and festivals to the directing, shooting, editing, CG, and production of such videos.

Our young and fresh style, unique ideas, techniques that allows us to turn anything you think of into reality, and our rich experience will truly make your performance the best one.

Intro and outro video production that captivates the audience

We produce intro and outro videos using storytelling that is suitable for the concert’s concept.

Using various techniques such as music videos, movies, and advertisements, we catch the attention and anticipation of the audience prior to the concert, making sure they’ll be moved and have lingering feelings after the performance.

Live video production that is more impressive than the performance

We create the best live videos by applying our unique graphic technology.

The professional shooting team in every corner of the venue creates vibrant images by capturing the artists, audiences, stage, etc. We then apply exciting DI/CG/motion graphic technology to create the best live video.

V Jing video production that fill up a performance venue spectacularly

We produce unique V Jing videos that are suitable for the artist’s music.

Creative planning, design, customized motion graphics, and CG allow various types of graphics to come alive without any limitations, making the concert hall and stage more brilliant

High-quality DVD production that goes beyond the audience’s emotions

We create DVDs for the live footage of the performance with additional stories.

We strive for only the best quality from the design, sound mixing, and DVD production so that people can feel the breath of the artist and how deeply the audience was moved by the performance.

Concert VR shooting, 360 ° high-definition VR 4K video production

UGI Production has the best VR technology in Asia.

We perfectly capture and produce live performances with our 360 ° high-definition VR videos that are more vivid than the actual concert scene.