UGI Production
records live performances in the
virtual reality (VR) world.

Designers, writers, directors, and engineers from various fields come together to film and produce unique live VR of performance arts.
In addition, we intend to incorporate amazing stories that perfectly balance the stories, videos, and technologies in a combination of festivals, concerts, and live performances. The new story of UGI Production in the VR video starts now

More impressive aspects than on-site performances and live concerts

Every performance has a story. UGI films creates new stories through the use of VR videos, transforming the performances into the best media with the fusion of music, arts, and science.Performances filmed and produced with VR images are worth more than the performance itself.

360 ° high quality VR image filming

Unbelievable VR experiences start with filming.After analyzing the artists and performances with a creative storytelling, professional filming teams from all over the venue bring and put forth the vivid scenes into a 360 ° high-definition VR footage.

Ground/air VR fil ming

VR filming takes place not only on the ground but also up in the sky.The 360 ° VR, based on high-resolution real-world photographic images, offers a new kind of sensation that you have never experienced before both on ground and in the sky.

Performances newly born as VR contents

All VR footages of performances are reborn into a new content.The videos made from UGI’s unique VR live filming technology are not just a record of performances, but are used as a business model for new contents.